University of Delaware

Faculty Letter of Support

Faculty may complete this form and upload a  letter of support for student applicants to the Service-Learning Scholars Program, Blue Hen Engagement Fellowships; Travel Grants; or Supply & Expense Grants.

Scholars and Fellowships: The faculty letter of support should address the project’s connection to the student’s course of study and his/her ability to pursue the project. It should describe how faculty will be in regular contact with their student (typically bi-weekly) during the placement to provide guidance and reflection on integrating readings with the service experience. This contact may take place by meeting, phone, or through social media.  Preference will be given to projects where there is a close relationship between the student’s projects and the faculty advisor’s research or teaching.

Supplies & Expense Grants: The faculty letter of support should address how the funds will support implementation of the student’s project.

Travel Grants: Travel grants are typically for conference presentations. The faculty letter of support should address the impact of this experience on the project as a whole, as well as the student’s learning.

Complete the following form to submit your faculty letter of support.