University of Delaware

Council of Community Engagement & Public Service Centers

In the spring of 2015, Provost Grasso launched the UD Community Engagement Initiative  with the goal of enhancing the university’s identity and contributions as an engaged university. One of the key goals of the Initiative is to support and build upon the work of UD’s centers and institutes that have a central commitment to community engagement and public service.  In support of that goal, the Council of Community Engagement and Public Service Centers has been established. The Council is composed of the heads of a variety of university units that carry out the university’s educational, research and public service mission in a manner that directly engages the public.

The units that are represented on the Council are particularly attentive to identifying and understanding the needs, challenges and opportunities faced by different communities, local to global, and working with them to produce positive community and societal impacts.  In doing so, the centers also provide robust experiential learning opportunities for all involved, including faculty and staff, students, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and citizens.

The Council advises the CEI on opportunities and priorities to strengthen the community engagement and public service contributions of its member units.  The Council also recommends steps to enhance collaboration across centers and institutes.

The Council is co-chaired by Dr. Michelle Rodgers, Associate Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Dr. Steven Peuquet, Director of the Center for Community Research and Service within the School of Public Policy and Administration, College of Arts and Sciences.  Michelle and Steve were instrumental in the work that led to the University’s designation by the Carnegie Foundation as an “Engaged University.”


Full Membership List, Spring 2017

Note: Only one person from each Center or Institute is listed.  

Michelle Rodgers, Director, Cooperative Extension (Co-chair)

Steve Peuquet, Director, Center for Community Research & Service (Co-Chair)

Carlos Asarta, Director, Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship

Andrea Boyle, Media Relations Director, Communications & Public Affairs

James Broomall, Associate Vice Provost, Professional & Continuing Studies

Martha Buell, Director, Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood

George Irvine, Director, Corporate Programs & Partnerships in the Lerner College of Business & Economics

Melissa Jurist, Director, K-12 Engineering

Nancy Karibjanian, Director, Center for Political Communication

Allison Karpyn, Associate Director, Center for Education & Social Policy

James Kendra, Director, Disaster Research Center

Bill Latham, Director, Center for Applied Business & Economic Research

David Legates, Coordinator, Delaware Geographic Alliance

Jerome Lewis, Director, Institute for Public Administration

Jennifer Merrill, Research Manager, Delaware Sea Grant College Program

Sandra Millard, Associate Director, UD Library

Beth Mineo, Director, Center for Disability Studies

Caitlin Olsen, Manager of Community Relations & Special Events, Governmental & Community Relations 

Tom Powers, Director, Center for Science, Ethics & Public Policy

Ed Ratledge, Director, Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research

Rebecca Sheppard, Associate Director, Center for Historic Architecture & Design

Chrissy Visher, Director, Center for Drug & Health Studies

Dionisios G. Vlachos, Director, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation 

Jacquelyn Wilson, Interim Director, UD Center for Teaching & Professional Development

David Wunsch, Director, State Geological Survey