University of Delaware

College Initiatives

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

College of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesThe University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Cooperative Extension connects the public with university knowledge, research and resources to address youth, family, community and agricultural needs. Students and faculty within other College departments, contribute to society through volunteerism, service learning, and community based research.


College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & SciencesThe College of Arts and Sciences is home to many departments and interdisciplinary programs that span the arts, humanities, social sciences and the sciences. The College delivers global curricula and co-curricular activities that challenge, engage, and inspire undergraduates. Many examples of service learning and community-based research and creative activities exist in the College of Arts & Sciences.


Lerner College of Business & Economics

Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, The University of DelawareThe Lerner College of Business and Economics provides opportunities for UD students to partner with non-profit community organizations in the development of projects that allow community groups to tap into resources that a university is uniquely positioned to provide. Lerner undergraduates provide assistance with projects that are outside the purview of typical volunteers-such as website development and systems analysis. These services help community organizations solidify their efforts and expand their capacity for serving clients.


College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

College of Earth, Ocean and EnvironmentWith its interest in the natural environment and how human uses of the environment are shaping and being shaped by the environment, the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE) has supported various types of student engagement initiatives. CEOE students work with environmental scientists and policy makers, community leaders and service providers, and diverse populations in Delaware and beyond to understand the implications of environmental issues. Through internships and research, as well as service learning and volunteering, CEOE students are helping to create a sustainable planet earth and a caring world where all people can feel at home.

College of Education & Human Development

College of Education and Human DevelopmentThe College of Education and Human Development is dedicated to discovering solutions to the problems that face our schools and the challenges encountered by children, adults and families in the 21st century. We implement change for real people around the world—children with special needs, families in crisis, and teachers and service providers striving to assist vulnerable populations with limited resources. Our faculty conduct research designed to have a positive impact on society as a whole—examining how people learn, teach, develop relationships, and create environments that are more inclusive for people with physical, intellectual, emotional and developmental disabilities. In 2013, students in education and human services provided 171,200 services hours—student teaching, working for community organizations and assisting families in need. Our four children’s centers provide high-quality education for children ages six weeks through eighth grade with a wide range of abilities and financial resources.

College of Engineering

Students with Engineers Without Borders working with by J.W. Haupt from Pennoni Associates Inc.'s Newark office to survey Tilton Park in Wilmington, DE. The students are working with the Friends of Tilton Park community group to develop a redevelopment plan for the park which is focused on the needs and desires of the community.

Engineers solve society’s most challenging problems through the discovery and application of new knowledge and technologies. The College of Engineering (COE) offers a variety of service learning opportunities that enrich the student experience with diverse ways to apply academic learning in the service of others. From global efforts with lasting cultural and environmental impact, to local collaborations designed to engage future engineers, COE is committed to fostering an environment that is both intellectually challenging and personally gratifying.


College of Health Sciences

College of Health SciencesService learning and community based research projects are a natural fit for students and faculty in the UD College of Health Sciences (CHS), where a commitment to bettering the lives of people in the community is embedded in the disciplines. With areas of focus covering the entire lifespan, from mobility devices for infants with disabilities to health and fitness for older adults, CHS offers a wealth of opportunities for students to engage with community organizations while contributing to the development of new knowledge about health promotion and disease prevention.