Active Citizen Workshop Series

Becoming an Active Citizen Workshop Series

A partnership program brought to you by Residence Life & Housing, Blue Hen Leadership Program, and the Community Engagement Initiative

Spring 2019 Program begins on February 20, 2019. Starting this Spring, students can earn BHLP Tier 1 credits AND the Active Citizen Certificate simultaneously!

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Questions? Email: Valerie Lane or Justin Bruchey.

Information about the Program:

The Becoming an Active Citizen Workshop Series is a co-curricular, non-credit bearing program that provides students with two avenues to expand and enhance their engagement efforts through service.

This workshop series will be offered each fall and spring, providing students a year-round opportunity to strengthen their understanding of engagement. Each workshop series will be 10 weeks in length, with each component of the series available at least once each semester. Students will reflect on their experiences via reflection papers submitted on Canvas which will be used to certify successful completion of the program. Details on the components of the workshop are outlined below.  To register for the program, please email Valerie Lane or Justin Bruchey.

Please note that Students who participate in the Blue Hen Leadership Program (BHLP) can meet requirements in the Active Citizen Workshop series, and vice versa. 

Part 1: Engaged Blue Hens

Ready to get engaged? Becoming a certified Engaged Blue Hen will give you a well-rounded view of how to engage in high-quality service experiences. Maybe you’re already involved in doing service and you want to learn more, or maybe you want to get more engaged and aren’t sure where to start. Either way, becoming a certified Engaged Blue Hen could be for you!

To achieve the certification of an Engaged Blue Hen, participants must attend at least one workshop from each the components listed below, totalling 5 workshops and 2 service experiences. Additionally, reflections must be written after each workshop and submitted on Canvas. 

Components 1-5 will be offered on campus and will be led by, or in partnership with, a University of Delaware (UD) professional staff or faculty member. Component 6 must be completed individually with documentation required to obtain certification.

Component 1: Let me Introduce You, to Yourself

This foundational component will allow students to better understand themselves as an integral member of teams and communities. To engage in this process, students will have the option to choose between self-assessment tools such as True Colors, and VIA Character Survey, among others.

Component 2: Near, Far – Wherever You Are

Understanding communities is an important part of being engaged in high-quality service experiences. This component provides students with an overview of geographical and identity-based communities, asset-based thinking, examples of community-based organizations in Delaware, and the reciprocity of engaging with various types of communities. Students can also learn about the systems that create the need for service and how student participation  can make a difference.

Component 3: YOU can Make a Difference

Civics and citizenship are covered in this component, ranging from how students can cultivate change at a university to how they can lobby for legislation with an elected official. Students can be guided through steps to becoming an an active citizen, where to connect citizenship with their prospective career goals, and how citizenry can truly change a community. The Social Change Model will also be offered in this component as a toolkit for students.

Component 4: Partnerships 101

Each time a student engages in service, a partnership is born. Here, students can learn what an authentic partnership is, how to form one, and what the reciprocity of a partnership looks like for both the service partner, and the student.

Component 5: Ready for IMPACT!

This component guides students through the continuum of service, from researching a community prior to arrival, to reflecting on the way home. Students can learn how to research their community partner prior to engaging in service, why reflection is important before, during, and after service, and how to problem-solve under unexpected circumstances. This is an introduction to Part 2 of the Becoming an Active Citizen Workshop Series and will give students an understanding of what it takes to not only engage in a high quality service experience, but lead one as well.

Component 6: Service Experience

This component must be completed individually.

Students must participate in at least two civic-related experiences with an organization on campus. A reflection worksheet must be completed for each activity and submitted on the ePortfolio. These opportunities  may include, but are not limited to:


Part 2: Certified Service Leader

Looking to take your service experiences a step further? Become a Certified Service Leader!

Part 2 of Becoming an Active Citizen Workshop Series provides training to lead service trips. Certified Service Leaders will serve as a cadre of students trained to lead co-curricular service opportunities.  Once certified, your contact information can be shared on the Community Engagement website for other organizations on campus to utilize when looking for someone to lead their service experiences.

Certified Service Leaders will be trained to lead stand-alone service experiences or an overnight service trip with a professional staff member from UD. Students must complete all three components detailed below in order to be considered for certification.

Component 1: So you want to lead a service trip…

Students will learn the ins and outs of leading service trips. From cold calling community organizations, to coordinating transportation, registration, and communications, to safety protocol and reflection, this is the session to learn it all. In this “classroom” component, students will learn:

Component 2: Putting Your Skills to the Test

Students must lead one successful service trip that meets the following requirements:

Students may lead a service trip with an existing Registered Student Organization, department on campus, or independently. Document will be required to affirm the completion of the service trip.  

Component 3: Documenting

In order to complete the Certified Service Leader training, students must appropriately document their experiences pairing leadership and service by submitting the following items: