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What Will You Make on Spring Break?

Think it’s too early to start planning winter and spring breaks?  If you’re interested in traveling for either, the time to plan is now!

The University of Delaware houses a number of student organizations that offer alternative trips for Winter and Spring Breaks.  Click the title below for more information about each!

University of Delaware Alternative Break program (UDaB)

For more detailed information about interest sessions, service trips over Winter and Spring, as well as cost, visit the UDaB website, or this UDaily story.

The Winter Application closes Sunday, September 17. Spring Applications open September 24, and close on October 9.

Blue Hen Leadership Program Alternative Break

Winter Trip: Disaster Relief in Houston, TX

Cost Range: $800-$1,100

Trip Dates: January 5-12, 2018

Must be a registered BHLP participant

Winter Trip: Click Here to Apply! 

Service Leaders: Mary Kate Scott & Steven Medina

Spring Trip: Both occur over UD Spring Break (Saturday – Saturday)

Cost range for both trips: $450 – $500

Must be a registered BHLP Participant

Urban Revitalization: Baltimore, MD (Service Leaders: Daniel Calaff & Jordan Del Bianco)

Affordable Housing: New Bern, NC (Service Leaders: Chris Remley & Emma Blanchard)

Spring trips: Click Here to Apply!


Residence Life and Housing Alternative Break (RLHAB)

Click Here for More Information!