Speaking Appointments

Speaking appointments are 15 minute time blocks to help you practice your listening and speaking skills. It’s really easy to do!  Here are the steps:


  1. Make an appointment with Aura in the SALC to practice your conversation skills. When you sign up, PLEASE tell us the level of your L/S class so we can prepare for you.
  2. Come to the SALC at 108 E Main Street, Room 210, at your scheduled appointment time. Ask to see your speaking appointment leader.
  3. Spend 15 minutes talking about a topic related to what you are learning in your L/S class.
  4. You can come one time per week each session and you will work on a different skill each week. Improve your fluency, grammatical accuracy, use of content vocabulary, pronunciation, and your conversational skills.
  5. If you enjoyed your appointment, tell your friends! We’d love to meet all the students at the ELI.
  6.  If you have an instagram account, post a picture of your speaking appointment with the hashtags #udel #udeleli #SALCSocial