Start here

If this is your first time at the SALC, or you have never watched the orientation video, we recommend you do that first.

If you want a general overview of the programs the SALC has to offer, then view the list of Programs in the SALC.

If you want to find a book, check out our list books.

If you want to practice a specific skill in English, look at the IEP page. It will help you find a list of programs and resources that you can use to practice your English skills at your level. The IEPs are very specific and have a list of all the things you are studying in your L/S or R/W class.

If you want more general practice on a certain skill, you can click on the Useful Links page.

Of course, if you have any questions you can come to the SALC desk to talk to me (Aura).

Welcome to the SALC!