An online writing workshop with helpful videos – especially for those new to essay writing.

Tools for working on your writing as well as online instructional resources. A really comprehensive site with some very useful tools. You have to create an account to use the tools, but it is free to do so.

A very comprehensive resource on writing techniques and evaluating sources, as well as an online guide to writing and research.

Not sure whether to say something one way or another? Use collocation to figure out which choice is likely more correct by seeing which one is more “popular.”

Practice in Academic Writing

A website that walks you through writing a paragraph, step by step. Interactive.
(Note: Mostly free, but upgraded version available for a charge.)

Practice writing exercises, tips on Avoiding Plagiarism, APA style formatting guide and other helpful

8 different levels, 30 games per level. Learn proofreading marks and practice your proofreading skills. Great
practice for editing your own work.