This website quizzes you – you get the first letter of the word, the part of speech, and a definition – YOU type in the word to score points.

Trying to build your SAT/ACT vocabulary? Try the Study Room tab for great vocabulary study opportunities.

This site offers word lists, concordances, gap-fill exercises and sample texts using AWL vocabulary. A great resource!

General vocabulary and Academic Vocabulary are covered on this site full of quizzes.

Not surprisingly, a website that helps you practice vocabulary. Register to track your progress.

    Interesting info about the frequency of word use, collocates and meaning
    Learn vocabulary words and match them as they are read aloud
    Practice your vocabulary and donate rice to the World Food Programme
    Practice Analogies,  Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots, Synonyms and Antonyms….tons of games and resources
    Simple English vocabulary with pronunciation