The SALC has a selection of online readers called Footprint Readers. They are installed on all computers in the lab. There are over 100 titles at eight different reading levels. You can watch video, listen to audio, or just view the text of the books. The books are in five major nonfiction themes: animals, places, people, science and activities.

Want to learn to read faster? Copy and paste a block of text into this website.  Then click “Spreed!”  Change the settings until you find your base reading rate. Read the passage. Then slowly increase the speed! 

Over 1000 non-fiction reading passages with question sets. You have to register, but it is free.

Very large selection of public domain books being read aloud. Great resource!

Helpful hints on reading academic texts

A great reading practice site for beginners (Levels Basic, I and II)

    Free online literature with notes and study guides – lots of free books!
    Free Audio Books, Ebooks, Lectures, English Lessons, Movies and more!!
    Barnes and Noble has a great way to search for books to read by your lexile level. If you would like to find
your lexile level to get the reading materials that are best for you, see Nicole to take the SRI test.
    Want to learn which level of reader you should REALLY be reading?
    Tons of English literature and philosophy books online. Search for a title!