Listening – ESL

This site has a mix of fiction and nonfiction material (read with a British accent)

Click on the video to watch a short clip and answer some comprehension questions.

Extensive listening activities for favorite movies and new movies, too. Really neat!

Want to follow along with a script or do you have a movie without subtitles? This site has many scripts available for download.

Mini-podcasts on important people, holidays and events.

Learn song lyrics to popular and well-known English songs at 3 levels – easy, medium, and difficult.

Grammar info, conversation tips, and much more on this great free site.

    Listen to brief recordings and write what you hear.
    Learn vocabulary words and match them as they are read aloud.
    Read out loud and with text to follow along.
    Any level
    Mostly children’s stories, but read very clearly and with text to follow.
    Free stories read aloud by famous actors, with the text to follow along.
    L/S Level I or II
    Free videos with transcripts, pronunciation practice, games, chat groups, community resources
    Totally AMAZING!!
     (Note: You must create a username and account for free.)
     (Note2: You must install “Say it Right” program for pronunciation practice.)
    Updated news stories including vocabulary and cloze exercises for listening
     Short conversations and discussions about various topics
     All L/S levels
    Podcasts for ESL students – partial transcripts available
    The world’s first daily online English language show. – High interest videos
    All L/S levels
    Short listening passages with quizzes and activities – excellent resource – many different levels and activities
    A variety of language related activities for ESL students – good resource, many different levels and activities,
    vocabulary focus
    A television drama in simplified English

(Note: Click on the small “VoD” box.)