Speaking – Level VI

The SALC recommends that you join a language exchange website to practice your Level VI speaking skills. Social language learning websites include: www.italki.com; www.myhappyplanet.com; www.paltalk.com; www.palabea.com
Objective Skill Resource
Summarize/present information that has been read and heard with appropriate length and references Speaking
Express, support, elicit, and clarify opinions and arguments in class and group work Speaking http://www.debate.org/
Analyze and synthesize read and heard information Speaking http://esl.about.com/od/grammarintermediate/a/sequence.htm
Effectively use visual techniques (visual aids, gestures, eye contact, movement) and vocal techniques (varying pitch and stress, using pauses and repetition) to enhance effect and  comprehensibility of a presentation Speaking http://www.cambridge.org/interchangearcade/?utm_source=ic3arcade&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=level3&utm_campaign=ic4arcade (Level 3, Unit 16)
Ask pertinent, grammatical, questions that demonstrate critical thinking and interact after (and sometimes during) presentations from classmates, in a seminar Speaking http://www.wordsinspace.net/shannon/teaching/student-resources-2/engaging-with-presentations-asking-questions/
Interact effectively in formal and informal conversations, including office hours Speaking https://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/sk/communicating.htm
Use complex, level-appropriate grammar (including a range of verb tenses, clauses and subject-verb agreement) correctly in prepared and unprepared contexts, including questions, statements, and wh- clauses (what is important is …) Speaking http://www.cambridge.org/interchangearcade/?utm_source=ic3arcade&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=level3&utm_campaign=ic4arcade (Review Levels 2 & 3)
Demonstrate understanding, proper pronunciation, and effective use of vocabulary from a variety of academic subjects Speaking http://www.uefap.com/vocab/select/awl.htm