Reading – Level IV

Objective Skill Resource
Identify the main idea and purpose of a reading passage Reading Active Reading ( – Intermediate level – see desk for password
Footprint Readers ( see SALC desk for password – Levels 5/6 any titles
Distinguish between main ideas and supporting details Reading Active Reading ( – Upper Intermediate level – How to Lose Weight unit- see desk for password
Identify and describe the structure of an informational text Reading
Identify inferences Reading Active Reading ( – Intermediate Level – Different Cultures unit – see desk for password
Distinguish fact from opinion Reading Active Reading ( – Pre-Intermediate Level – Choosing a Holiday unit (See desk for password)
Determine the meaning of new vocabulary words from context Reading
Learn new vocabulary by “families” or groups of related words Reading
Determine meaning through roots, prefixes, and suffixes Reading
Use a monolingual dictionary effectively Reading