Listening – Level I

Objective Skill Resource
Identify and understand the most important facts and ideas Listening (Level 3 conversations for beginners – listen and take comprehension quizzes – Any Chapter – Main Ideas (Level Basic or I, What do you hear? Activities)
Pencilbot – Green Level – see desk for DVD set
Identify and understand details that support the main idea Listening – Any Chapter – Specific Information
Understand the situation, place, and time of events Listening Learn to Speak English 10 – see SALC desk for help Basic Listening Quizzes – Easy (Calendars and dates; Telling Time; Directions around town)
Rosetta Stone – Level 1 – Units 1/6, 3/10, 8/4 – see SALC desk for help
Identify consonants and vowels Listening Pronunciation Power – see SALC desk for help
Accent Master – see SALC desk for help
Identify and understand contractions Listening – Any Chapter (1-6) – Contractions