Be #SALCSocial

The SALC wants to give you opportunities to Be #SALCSocial! Over the next few sessions, look for us to be rolling out a few new programs to help you with your listening, speaking, and general conversation goals.

First: The “Friends” conversation couch! Come to the SALC to meet UD students from the Delaware Diplomats program and chat with them about university life or general topics. Click here to view more information and the couch schedule. Post pics from your meeting to Instagram with the hashtags #udel #udeleli #SALCSocial.

Second: “Now Playing in a Theater Near You” – Come to the SALC to watch all or part of a movie with a friend. We’ll have a movie on a constant loop with two sets of headphones. Watch as little or as much as you like and discuss it with your friend. Post pics from your movie meeting to  Instagram with the hashtags #udel #udeleli #SALCSocial.

Third: Collaborative Homework Table – Would you like to work on your homework with other students? Come to the SALC’s new homework table to work in English and make new friends. Post pics from your meeting to Instagram with the hashtags #udel #udeleli #SALCSocial.

Fourth: Make a speaking appointment with an SALC staff member to discuss topics from your L/S class. Improve your grammar and vocabulary with structured conversations.

Finally: Join book club! Read one book each session in a small group setting. Practice your reading skills and pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, improve your comprehension and fluency. See an SALC staff member to learn more.