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Many of our students are professionals in various industries, and they have no intention of pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the USA; instead, they want to improve their English for professional purposes–the practical skills that they can use in the workplace in their home country.

The ELI is an excellent place for professionals to improve their English skills!

We have special programs for specific audiences, as well as Business English courses that cover a variety of topics, from writing reports to making formal business presentations–even defending case studies!

Intensive English Program: Business English Focus

Communicate with confidence in professional settings–in English!

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is the ELI’s core program. It includes courses that focus on listening/speaking and reading/writing/grammar skills, as well as private tutoring and language labs. The Business English track of study is available to students in high-intermediate and advanced levels of the IEP

Program duration: minimum 4 weeks–and no maximum!


For students and professionals who will obtain an MBA (or other master’s degree programs in business-related fields) at an American university.

This high-advanced level (Level 6) program was designed to help students to prepare to pursue graduate degrees in business in the United States. The curriculum includes training in case study analysis, a pedagogical tool that is used at many American universities. Courses cover areas such as entrepreneurship and even GMAT/GRE test preparation. Participants will be able to write business plans and present/defend their ideas in a professional manner.

Program duration: 4 months
Note: students without a high-advanced level of English may take courses in the IEP in order to improve their English prior to beginning the Pre-MBA.

American Law and Legal English Institute (ALLEI)

Learn about the American legal system while improving your Legal English skills! 

This special program for lawyers, judges, legal professionals, and law students focuses on the fundamentals of the American legal system, including the U.S. Constitution, contracts, negotiations, commercial law, and more. Participants will develop the English skills needed to analyze contracts, conduct legal research, present their ideas, and communicate using legal vocabulary.

Program duration: 4 weeks

Delaware EFL Teacher Training (DEFT)

Where qualified English teachers come to update their pedagogical skills! 

This program helps English teachers from other countries to learn new and innovative pedagogical skills while also offering them the opportunity to refresh their English skills. Teachers participate in workshops and seminars that focus on areas such as curriculum design, materials development, business English instruction, oral intelligibility, grammar instruction, strategic interaction, and more!

Program duration: 4 weeks
(contact us to arrange a customized program for a longer duration, such as 4-6 months)

Master’s degree in teaching English as a second language (MA-TESL)

Become a qualified ESL teacher or administrator! 

The ELI administers the University of Delaware’s MA-TESL program. This interdisciplinary program includes courses taught by faculty from the School of Education, the ELI, the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Graduates of the program are highly qualified ESL and bilingual professionals who meet the growing need for certified teachers in US public schools classrooms as well as ESL and EFL language instructors in universities and language institutes in the U.S. and abroad.

Program duration: 2 years

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