PreMBA Courses

Instruction in the PreMBA program combines both the development of English language and academic skills with course content and instructional methodology similar to that in American MBA programs.

There are four courses in the PreMBA program; these courses are separated into two categories: “Listening/Speaking” and “Reading/Writing.” The courses are listed by category below.


Advanced Business Case Studies

In this course, students focus on developing their academic English vocabulary and listening/speaking language proficiency skills as they discuss, analyze, synthesize, explain, report, and present case studies. The case study method is widely used for instruction in MBA programs, and this course offers students practice with the methodology using Harvard Business School Field Case Study materials.

Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan

With instructor guidance, students in this course work in teams to create a small business. Teams research, prepare and present a business plan with operational business and competitive and marketing strategies and a statement of cash flow. The Delaware Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides speakers for the class and online workshops on aspects of business planning. At the end of the course, the teams make a formal presentation of their plans and are questioned by the Director of the Delaware SBDC.


Reading and Writing for Graduate Programs

In this course, students develop their ability to read and write graduate-level texts. Each student conducts in-depth library research into a topic of interest in their graduate field of study and writes an analytical literature review. The course also includes a comprehensive review of academic written English grammar.

GMAT/GRE Preparation

Students develop their reading and writing skills and apply these skills for the purpose of meeting the admissions requirements of the MBA or other graduate programs. The course focuses on test taking strategies to score well on the GMAT, when English is the applicant’s second language, academic and business vocabulary, and analytical essay writing.

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