Language Adventure USA

Summer program for high school students!

Spend one month of your summer vacation improving your English skills while learning about American culture!

Apply today!

The ELI has designed a one-month summer program that combines high-quality ESL instruction with cultural course content, providing an enriching experience for high school students from around the world. The Language Adventure USA program also includes several excursions, allowing students to visit important cultural and historical sites on the East Coast of the USA.


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The location of Delaware is perfect for a short-term stay in the USA!

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Program Features

Program participants will live with an American family through our homestay program.

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About Delaware

The University of Delaware is considered to be one of the best institutions of higher learning in the USA and is currently ranked #29 among public institutions by the US News and World Report, 2015. The English Language Institute (ELI) is an academic unit of the University of Delaware’s College of Arts and Sciences and has a long tradition of providing high-quality intensive English programs to international students and professionals from around the world.

The location of Delaware is perfect for a short-term stay in the USA! The City of Newark is located 45 minutes from Philadelphia, 2 hours from New York City, and 2 hours from Washington, DC.



This program is meant for high school students with ages from 15 years old to 18 years old. If you are older than 18 years, you should consider our Intensive English Program.

There is no minimum level of English skill required to apply for Language Adventure USA; however, many of our specialized courses require at least a “high-intermediate” level of English, as determined on our placement test that is given at the beginning of the program. Students with “beginner” or “low-intermediate” levels of English must enroll in our General English courses.

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Program dates and duration

The next sessions of Language Adventure USA will take place from:

  • July 16 to August 10, 2018 (4 weeks)

Duration: Students have the option of 4 week or 5 week sessions.

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Program dates & duration



Language Adventure USA program prices for 2018:

Duration Price
4 weeks (July 16 – August 10) US $3,950

What is included in the price?
English tests English tests include:

  • Placement test at the beginning of the program
  • Test at the end of the program to view progress made during the session

Skill areas assessed: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.

English courses Students attend two English courses every day from 8:30 a.m. until approximately 12:45 p.m.
Course books Text books for both classes ($180 value)
Certificate Students in good academic standing will receive a certificate that verifies that they have completed the classes. They will also receive a transcript (grade report) showing the grades earned in each skill area (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar).
University student ID card Provides students with access to the university’s facilities, including the gym, pool, library, computer labs, etc.
Housing Students will live with an American family.
Meals Breakfast and dinner is taken with the homestay family. Lunch is provided in the dining hall.
Transportation Homestay families will drive the students to the university and pick them up every day (unless the family lives within 1.6 km of the university).
University health clinic Free consultation, treatment, and prescriptions provided by medical doctors and nurses.
Excursions New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia or Baltimore, Rehoboth Beach.
Activities Afternoon and evening activities include hikes, picnics, tournaments, concerts, sports games.
Application Fee This $100 fee is paid when the application is submitted in order for the ELI to register the student for the program.
Since the application fee is paid in advance, it will not be included on the program invoice that the student will receive. The actual price on the invoice will be USD $3,850 (4 weeks) or USD $4,630 (5 weeks). | Pay the application fee with a credit card using our secure online payment system 
What is not included in the price?
  • Visa fee: Citizens of countries that participate in the US Visa Waiver Program will pay an ESTA fee (approximately US $14)
  • Airfare: Students are required to pay for their plane ticket to travel to/from Philadelphia
  • Spending money: Remember, Delaware has no sales tax on most purchases
  • Health insurance: Show proof of satisfactory insurance that meets our minimum coverage levels, or purchase our insurance policy: USD $135 for 4 weeks, USD $175 for 5 weeks.

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Courses and Instruction Quality

All students will take two categories of courses: “Listening/Speaking” and “Reading/Writing.” Courses daily from 8:30 a.m. until approximately 12:45 p.m.

The ELI is proud to offer a variety of interesting courses, including*:

  • Business writing and presentations
  • Storytelling and writing
  • Theater, games, and skits (drama)
  • Music
  • News
  • Literature
  • Film production

*Students are required to take an English placement exam upon arrival in Delaware to ensure that they have an English level that is high enough to be successful in these classes. Students in lower levels must take General English courses.

The ELI faculty has a strong reputation for being experts in their field. ELI instructors have at least a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) or in Applied Linguistics.

The ELI is accredited by the Commission for English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), ensuring excellence in instruction and programming for our students.

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Cultural Excursions

Cultural Excursions

Meet students from around the world in Language Adventure USA!

Discover some of the most famous sites on the East Coast of the USA, including:

  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Delaware beaches

In addition to major excursions, the ELI also plans many local activities for students in the afternoons and evenings. This includes hikes, picnics, concerts, visits to local attractions, etc.

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Program participants will live with an American family through our homestay program.

Learn more about our homestay program ➤
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Applying for Language Adventure USA is easy! Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Complete our online application here 
  2. Pay the US $100 application fee | Pay this fee with a credit card using our secure online payment system 
  3. Send a copy of your passport to

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Contact us for more information

To learn more about Language Adventure USA, please contact Baerbel Schumacher at  Note: Baerbel is a native German-speaker and is happy to help you in German or English.

Contact in Germany (Muenster):
Ms Simone Willnath |

For help with the admissions process, please contact Nadia Redman at  Note: Nadia is happy to help you in English, French, or Spanish.

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