Typical schedule



Sample In-Person Schedule

Students in the Intensive English Program “full program” receive up to 28 hours of instruction each week, with equal time spent on listening/speaking and reading/writing. Additional activities help students practice English in real-world settings.

Things to know

  • 7-week sessions have the same number of hours of instruction as the 8-week sessions, but the schedule will be different.
  • The table below shows an example of the typical daily schedule of an IEP student studying on campus; however, the actual times of classes, tutoring and activities may differ for each student (depending on the session and their courses).
Sample Daily Schedule for the Intensive English Program
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15-9:55 a.m. Listening/Speaking Listening/Speaking Listening/Speaking Listening/Speaking Listening/Speaking
10:25 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. Reading/Writing Reading/Writing Reading/Writing Reading/Writing Reading/Writing
2-2:50 p.m. Optional Hub Programs* Private Tutoring Optional Hub Programs* Private Tutoring Cultural Trips & Activities
3-3:50 p.m. Listening Laboratory** Optional Hub Program* Listening Laboratory** Optional Hub Programs*
4-5 p.m.

* The schedule for programs at The Hub is set each session.

**The Listening Lab is an asynchronous digital service available only to students in Levels 1 to 4.