Typical schedule

Typical daily schedule


Students may begin their studies in any of the 6 sessions that are scheduled yearly. Sessions are approximately 2 months in length (7-8 weeks) and students may enroll in several sessions:

  • Session I (Fall): September/October
  • Session II (Fall): November/December
  • Session III (Winter): January/February
  • Session IV (Spring): March/April
  • Session V (Spring): May/June
  • Session VI (Summer): July/August

For specific session dates see the main calendar.


Things to know

  • Session V and Session VI  are 7-week sessions that have the same number of hours of instruction as the 8-week sessions.
  • The image below shows an example of the typical daily schedule of an IEP student; however, the actual times of classes, tutoring and activities may differ for each student (depending on the session and their courses).

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