Levels and curriculum

Levels & curriculum


A curriculum designed for success

Each session at the ELI provides students with approximately 28 hours per week of instruction in the classroom, in computer laboratories, and in private tutoring meetings.

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Levels of instruction

There are seven (7) levels of English instruction at the ELI. To determine a student’s English level, all new students must take a placement test during ELI Orientation.

 The levels are as follows:

English foundations

  • BASIC: English Fundamentals*
  • Level I: Beginner
  • Level II: High Beginner
  • Level III: Intermediate

English for specific purposes

  • Level IV: High Intermediate
  • Level V: Advanced
  • Level VI: High Advanced

Things to know

  • Students in Levels I, II, and III enroll in our General English track, focusing on English foundations.
  • Students in Levels IV, V, and VI can enroll in any of the tracks. For more information about the different tracks, see “Tracks of Study.”

* The BASIC level is not offered every session. It is only offered if we have a large number of students who need it.


Each student enrolls in two courses that fall into two categories: Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing.

Listening/Speaking Course

Listening/speaking courses develop students’ language skills in areas such as fluency, oral grammar, pronunciation, and listening comprehension. The courses use current, proven methods that help students use English in meaningful ways to communicate ideas and needs, solve problems, and participate in American life on campus and in the community. (10 hours per week)

Reading/Writing Course

Reading/writing courses develop students’ language skills in areas such as reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and research/library skills. Instruction integrates these skills to improve written communication and reading comprehension, using a progressively challenging curriculum from beginning to advanced levels. (10 hours per week)


The ELI is one of the only Intensive English Programs in the United States to offer personal one-on-one tutoring with trained tutors in its regular Full Intensive Program at no extra charge. The student and tutor together make an instructional plan which might include assistance with class assignments, work on individual problems with or questions about English or American culture, or to conversation skills practice.

Students can choose private tutoring (2 hours per week), in which they work with one tutor alone or cluster tutoring (3 hours per week), in which three or four students meet with one tutor on a special topic, such as pronunciation or grammar for two hours and with a private tutor for one hour. (2-3 hours per week)

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Self-Access Learning Center (SALC)

The SALC supplements classroom instruction with state-of-the-art English training technology. In the SALC students can access computers, reading materials, captioned television programs, and tape/CD and video recorders and programs guided assistance from the SALC coordinator. Students may use email, the Internet, specialized ESL software programs and on-line language games which teach pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and listening skills. Programs for TOEFL, GMAT and GRE practice are also available. (3-5 hours per week)

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Listening laboratory

Using a variety of video and audio materials, the listening lab provides students additional practice with listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. (2 hours per week)

Important note: this is just an example of a common schedule – afternoon classes may be assigned to some students.

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