Cluster Tutoring


Public Speaking Skills Cluster

with Kat Britton


Driving Skills Cluster

with Brady Smith


Women’s Conversation Cluster

Lori Fisher


Reading Horizons Cluster

with Janice Thompson


EAP Writing Cluster

with Christienne Woods


Vocabulary Cluster

This two-hour per week cluster provides support and additional practice of the vocabulary objectives of the students’ courses. Four to six students work as a group under direction of Rosana Dempsey, a tutor with specialization in vocabulary instruction. She and the students together identify specific vocabulary topics and goals for the session. Students improve their understanding of vocabulary and common idioms.


Academic Vocabulary

Kate Burke


The Kitchen Class

Since 2008, the Kitchen Class has provided students and business professionals with valuable personal skills to help them navigate social environments in America with confidence.

Nancy Turner, a licensed instructor and creator of the Kitchen Class, teaches more than 300 University of Delaware ELI students annually, using practical demonstrations and workshops that are easy to understand.

In the Kitchen Class, students learn about:

  • Basic table etiquette
  • Domestic customs
  • Social correspondence
  • American hospitality
  • Holiday traditions

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