CAP English Requirements

Before beginning their regular university coursework for their degree program, CAP students must first satisfy certain English language requirements by studying at the ELI.



Minimum Grade

Minimum Grade

 English for Academic Purposes (Level VI)
Listening B B+
Speaking B B+
Reading B B+
Writing B B+
Grammar B B+
Final Essay 6.5 points (7 points is the maximum) 6.5 points (7 points is the maximum)
Effort Score 1 (excellent) or 2 (satisfactory) 1 (excellent) or 2 (satisfactory)

Each of the above requirements must be met in the student’s final session.


For students:

If you are currently studying at the ELI, there are many resources available to help you to understand what is required of you and to achieve the objectives listed above. To learn more, please visit our CAP Student Center.

If you have questions about the grade requirements or if you need academic assistance, there are several CAP Advisors available to you. Please request an appointment with a CAP Academic Advisor:


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