Bridge Program


In the Bridge Program, students receive academic and linguistic support in 1-2 university-level courses.

College students face many challenges in the university setting, including:

  • Developing independent study skills;
  • Interacting with professors and classmates; and
  • Managing a larger amount of reading assignments.

International students face these aspects of American college life, as well—but with the added challenge of communicating in another language.

The University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) addresses these issues through its Bridge Program.

The Bridge Program is a very good transition program when going into UD. They provide information about UD resources, teach students about time management skills and the academic environment in UD. All of them are very helpful for manage the busy UD life.

Xiaxin Zhong, UD Class of 2017

What is the Bridge Program?

In the Bridge Program, eligible students take one ELI course and one or two undergraduate-level courses.

For every hour of university class, the students meet with a Bridge Leader for another hour of review, or recitation. This provides the additional academic and linguistic support that some international students need for success.

Through the Bridge Program, students learn to develop successful study habits for their college career so they can:

  • Communicate appropriately in person and via email with advisors, administrators, professors, and classmates;
  • Understand the professor’s expectations for attendance, class behavior, participation, answering test questions, and grading;
  • Organize and manage their time, tasks and class work;
  • Use effective study strategies for learning new information to be successful on tests; and
  • Are aware of and effectively utilize the academic resources on campus.

See the Pre-Bridge Handbook.

Program Requirements

Who can participate in Bridge?

The following types of students may participate in the Bridge Program:

  • ELI students in the Undergraduate Conditional Admissions Program (CAP) who have:
    • met one of their language requirements (either for Listening/Speaking class or Reading/Writing class); and
    • have earned at least a B average (3.0 GPA) with a strong effort score at the ELI.
  • ELI students (non-CAP) who plan to pursue an undergraduate degree in the United States who have:
    • passed English for Academic Purposes Level V Listening/Speaking with a B average; and
    • earned an overall average of “B” (3.0 GPA) at ELI with a strong effort score.
  • Recently matriculated UD students who are seeking extra support during a summer session or during their first semester as a full-time student.

Additional Requirements

GPA-ELI courses 3.0 or higher (B average over two most recent ELI sessions)
ELI Effort Score 1-1.5 average (1 = outstanding, 2 = satisfactory, 3 = unacceptable)
Teacher Recommendation Highly recommended
Interview Demonstrates academic readiness

What are the benefits?

In the Bridge Program, students may:

  • Start taking university classes earlier;
  • Perform better on tests with the extra academic support (and thus start with a higher GPA);
  • Gain confidence communicating appropriately with professors and classmates; and
  • Earn college credit.

What do Bridge Leaders do?

Bridge Leaders are hired and paid to give academic, linguistic and study skill support for university classes in which they have some expertise.

They are trained and supported from the Bridge Coordinator throughout the semester, but they mainly work with students by doing the following:

  • Being a role model of good time management, organization, study habits, knowledge/use of academic resources, and engagement with the material and classmates;
  • Having a good understanding of UD’s education system and the professor’s expectations to be able to explain them to the Bridge Students;
  • Leading small group recitation sessions 1-3 times a week to review the notes from class lectures and homework assignments, discuss the professor’s expectations and how to effectively work on group projects with Americans (if applicable), and hold students accountable for managing their time and work;
  • Communicating with the students and Bridge Coordinator in person and via email; and
  • Attending the UD classes for the course, if necessary.

If you are a UD student and you would like to inquire about applying to this position, please contact and send your resume to Julie Lopez.

What is the price of the Bridge Program?

Bridge students pay a special semester-long tuition rate for their final ELI course and for Bridge support. In addition, Bridge students are required to pay the university’s tuition rate for each credit of the university course.

ELI Tuition price for 2018-2019 Academic Year (until August 2019): $4,119*
*This does not include the tuition rate for the UD course.

Who can I contact about the Bridge Program?

Students who are interested in the Bridge program can contact the ELI’s Bridge Coordinator:

Julie Lopez
108 East Main Street, Room# 217A
Newark, Delaware 19713

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