Accelerated University English Program (AUEP)

Accelerated University English program


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The Accelerated University English Program (AUEP) is a full-service, pre-academic ESL program.

AUEP addresses the needs of students who plan to pursue undergraduate or graduate degree studies in the United States after completing their ESL studies.

Through AUEP, students take similar courses and have similar preparation as what is seen in the Conditional Admissions Program (CAP); however, students in AUEP are not conditionally admitted to a CAP partner college or university. Instead, after AUEP students complete our program, they go on to study at many fine universities in the USA.

Accelerated University English Program

Program highlights

Program Highlights

  • Assistance in applying for admission to universities.
  • Special courses in English for Academic Purposes and/or Pre-MBA
  • Students in high intermediate and advanced levels are placed into cohorts (i.e., small groups) of 5-8 students who move through their English levels together, doing the same types of assignments and activities (see “CAP Cohort Model” for more information)
  • Supplemental no-limit afternoon private and small group tutoring
  • Study skills courses
  • Extensive academic advisement, including advising from a faculty mentor
  • Progress tracking and benchmarking
  • Additional support in adjusting to American culture, including activities with a specially selected university student mentor who has experienced success at the university level

Who enrolls in AUEP?

Who enrolls in AUEP?

AUEP is available to anyone who plans to attend a university in the United States and who has not been conditionally accepted to any of the ELI’s conditional admissions partner universities (i.e., AUEP students are not AT/CAP students).

Any student who plans to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree can participate in AUEP. No minimum English level or score is required.

Although sponsored students typically enroll in AUEP (see below), the program is also available to students who are not sponsored (i.e., self-paying students).

A note about sponsored students

Sponsored students at the ELI typically enroll in AUEP.

This full-service program enables students to meet their sponsor’s requirements by helping them to:

  • identify and apply for universities,
  • improve their academic English skills, and
  • develop the academic and cultural skills needed for success at the university level.

Program dates

AUEP follows the main ELI calendar with two-month sessions.



The following pricing is for each session (2 months) of study:

Item 2018-2019
Tuition US$ 4,553
Room and food (estimate) 2,400
Health insurance 298
Books (estimate) 200
Student health clinic fee (estimate) 114
Total estimated fees (2 months) US$ 7,565
Delaware resident price

The following pricing is for each session (2 months) of study for Delaware residents:

Item 2018-2019
Tuition US$ 2,468
Books (estimate) 200
Student health clinic fee (estimate) 114
Total estimated fees (2 months) US$ 2,782
Important information about prices
  • All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  • 2018-2019 Prices are valid for each sessions attended from August 27, 2018 to August 16, 2019.
  • Important note about insurance: All students who are not sponsored by a governmental organization are now required to purchase the ELI’s health insurance plan. Students may not purchase their own insurance policy to replace the ELI’s plan. Health insurance fees are non-refundable.
Additional fees

Some additional fees may apply, including:

Item Description
Application fee: $100
  • All students are required to pay a non-refundable application fee for all University of Delaware ELI programs.
Express Mail fee: $35
  • This fee pays for the express mailing of documents to students, such as I-20 forms, Welcome Packages, etc.
  • Documents will automatically be sent via express mail (DHL or FedEx) unless the student specifically requests that the University of Delaware ELI use the US Postal Service or if a friend will pick up the documents on the student’s behalf.
  • Students must pay this fee at the time that they submit their application to register for ELI programs.
Airport Transfer fee: $50 – $90
  • These fees must be paid if the ELI arranges transportation for the student from the Philadelphia International Airport to Newark, Delaware.
  • Delaware Express (standard shuttle pick-up): Normally, the charge is $50; however, late-night pick-ups may cost $90. For questions, please contact
  • Homestay: If the homestay family (or the homestay driver service) will pick up the student from Philadelphia International Airport, the fee is $75. If the homestay family (or homestay driver service) will drop off the student at the Philadelphia International Airport, the fee will be $60.
Late Orientation/Arrival fee: $100
  • Students must pay this fee only if they miss one of the designated Orientation days. All students are required to attend all days of ELI Orientation, as marked on their acceptance letter and in the documents that the student will receive when they arrive for Orientation.
Late Housing fee: $100
  • Students must pay this fee only if they do not meet the ELI’s deadlines for arranging housing (as listed in their acceptance documents).
Late Payment fee: $50
  • Students must pay this fee if they do not pay the entire amount listed on their bill before the date written on the bill.

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