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The Pre-Academic Transitions (Pre-AT) curriculum is meant for students who need additional time to improve their English skills before beginning the Academic Transitions program.

Students in Pre-AT participate in special courses and activities that help them to build the language and academic skills needed in order to advance to AT, such as:

  • Academic reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Actively participating in class discussions
  • Writing academic essays using a variety of styles

Minimum English level

  • When applying for the program, students who submit a TOEFL score lower than 64 or an IELTS score lower than 5.0 will be placed in Pre-AT. Learn more about placement
  • Students who did not submit an accepted test score and who test into a level between beginner and high-intermediate on the ELI’s placement exam will be placed in Pre-AT.


The Pre-AT curriculum lasts 2 months for each level.

The length of time you will spend in the AT program depends on where you begin and whether you continue through AT3.

Pre-AT through AT3 level chart


Academic Year 2024-2025

The following pricing is for each session (2 months) of study:

Item In Person Price Online Price
Tuition US$ 4,999 US$ 4,999
Room and food (estimate) 2,400
Health insurance 325
Books (estimate) 250 250
Student Wellbeing fee 176
International Sevice Fee 90
Carpenter Sports Center Fee 25
Total estimated fees (2 months) US$ 8,265
US$ 5,249
More information about prices

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Academic Year 2024-2025 prices are effective from August 21, 2024.

Important note about insurance: All students who are not sponsored by a governmental organization are now required to purchase the ELI’s health insurance plan. Students may not purchase their own insurance policy to replace the ELI’s plan. Health insurance fees are non-refundable.

Additional fees

Some additional fees may apply, including:

Item Description
Admissions deposit: $300
  • Applicants to the AT program pay a $300 admissions deposit. The deposit will be subtracted from your first tuition bill. There is no application fee for this program.
Express Mail fee: $65
  • The ELI charges a US $65 express mail fee to express mail documents to students who request paper copies. Students must pay this fee at the time that they submit their application to register for ELI programs.
Airport Transfer fee: $100 – $200
  • These fees must be paid if the ELI arranges transportation for the student from the Philadelphia International Airport to Newark, Delaware.
  • For questions, please contact
Late Orientation/Arrival fee: $100
  • Students must pay this fee only if they miss one of the designated Orientation days. All students are required to attend all days of ELI Orientation, as marked on their acceptance letter and in the documents that the student will receive when they arrive for Orientation.
Late Housing fee: $100
  • Students must pay this fee only if they do not meet the ELI’s deadlines for arranging housing (as listed in their acceptance documents).
Late Payment fee: $50
  • Students must pay this fee if they do not pay the entire amount listed on their bill before the date written on the bill.
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