Academic Transitions: How to earn university credits



How to earn university credits in AT

One of the great advantages of the Academic Transitions (AT) program is that it was designed to help students to earn useful university credits (i.e., credits for courses/requirements that are necessary for their university degree).

In fact, AT students have the potential to earn nearly all of the credits needed to complete their first year of university!

Paths for earning credits

There are two paths that determine how many university credits that AT students can earn–and how much time they will spend in the program:

Path Duration Maximum number of credits
AT1 + AT2 8 months 16
AT1 + AT2 + AT3  12 months 28

All AT students are expected to complete AT1 + AT2 in 8 months. Students who do not meet program requirements after AT2 must continue studying in AT3 for an additional 4 months.

Total: 16 credits | 8 months

Graphic with breakdown of coursework and credits earned in AT1 and AT2

AT students who work hard and are highly motivated are expected to earn up to 16 university credits in 8 months (when they earn a minimum grade of C+ in each course).

Students begin by focusing on English courses that prepare them for the language and study skills needed to be successful at the university level.

  • They are able to earn up to 6 credits during their first semester (AT1).
  • In their second semester (AT2), students will take the required first-year composition course, along with 1-2 university courses for credit and Cohort.

Learn more about the ELI and university courses offered in AT >

Total: 28 credits | 12 months

Graphic of breakdown of courses and credits earned in AT3.AT3 is a 4-month extension of the AT program.

Students who work hard and are highly motivated can earn up to 28 credits by completing AT through AT3 (when they earn required grades).

Many students choose to take AT3 because it can help them to earn almost all of the credits needed to complete their first year of university.

In addition, students who do not meet all AT requirements by the end of AT2 will be required to study in AT3 for another 4 months.

Students in AT3 take three university courses that are required for their degree program. In addition, they have a special capstone project that helps them to focus closely on developing the language skills and vocabulary that is used in their field of study.

Minimum grade requirement

Students may only earn credit for the credit-bearing courses* in which they have earned a minimum final grade of C+. Students who do not complete a credit-bearing course with a minimum final grade of C+ will be required to retake the course (either at the ELI or later at the university).

*Required Cohort grades are C+ in first semester; Passing grade (P) in second semester

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