Payment Instructions


Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay for tuition and fees at the ELI, including:

*Checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders must be made out to the “University of Delaware.”


Billing Information

The following is important information about billing:

  • Students (and their agents, if applicable) receive the tuition bill by email approximately 1-2 weeks before the beginning of their session of study. If you have not yet received your tuition bill and you will begin your studies within one week, contact
  • The bill should be paid on or before the first day of the session. Bills may also be paid in installments (see below).


Paying in Installments

Some students choose to pay their bill in several parts, or “installments.” The ELI accepts payments in installments; however, there are two rules:

  1. A late fee of US $50 will be added to the student’s bill; AND
  2. The entire amount of the bill must be paid by the end of the student’s session of study.

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