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Welcome to the University of Delaware ELI! We are so happy that you will be joining us in Delaware. We are eager to provide you with an effective and fun program that will help you to improve your English while enjoying the unique cultural experience that the ELI can provide!

This page contains important information for new students regarding arrival and orientation. Please review the information and contact us if you have any questions ( We are happy to help you!



All new students are required to submit the Immunization Form and the Health History Form at least 4 weeks before coming to Delaware.

Before you arrive

Here is some information that will help you to know what to expect once your admissions process is complete and when you are ready to come to Delaware.

Welcome Packet

After you apply to the ELI, you will receive a Welcome Package by express mail that contains the following items:

Arrival date

Students should plan to arrive no later than the Wednesday before the beginning of a new session. This will allow you to participate in ELI Orientation. If you do not attend all days of ELI Orientation, you will be charged a fee of $100 on your first ELI bill.

How to get to the University of Delaware from the airport

All students who plan to travel by plane must have a final destination at Philadelphia International Airport (airport code: PHL).

If there is no direct flight from your country to Philadelphia, please do not worry–you can arrive in a different airport and then take a connecting flight to Philadelphia. The most important thing is for you to buy a ticket that shows a final destination of PHL.

Airport pickup/shuttle reservations
  • The Philadelphia International Airport is 30 minutes away from the University of Delaware. We can help you reserve a shuttle (i.e., a van) to pick you up from the airport and to drive you safely to Delaware. The shuttle company is called Delaware Express.
  • In order for us to reserve a shuttle to pick you up from the Philadelphia International Airport, you must return the Airport Transfer Request form that you received in your Welcome Package. At the same time, you also must send us a copy of your student visa and your plane ticket by fax. We cannot make a shuttle reservation for you until we have received these three documents.
  • Your completed Airport Transfer Request form should be sent to the ELI by fax no later than 2 weeks before the beginning of the session. The ELI fax number is +1-302-831-4201.
  • The cost of a shuttle is about $50 (though very late-night pickups may cost up to $80). You must provide us with a credit card number on the Airport Transfer Request form in order to reserve the shuttle. You must also provide your airline, flight number, and arrival time on the form.
  • Do not use a taxi. We highly recommend that you use Delaware Express. This will provide you with a safe method of transportation.

Your first days at the ELI

Please see your acceptance letter for the exact date and location of your orientation.

Late Orientation Fee: All students are required to attend one of the orientation dates that is listed on their acceptance letter. If you do not attend orientation, you will be charged a $100 Late Orientation Fee, which must be paid before you can begin your ELI classes.

If you must stay in a hotel during the night before Orientation, we will arrange transportation for you to the ELI for testing.

What to Expect at ELI Orientation

At Orientation, you will do the following activities:

  1. Register at the ELI. Please bring your passport and visa documents. If you have not yet paid your bill, please be prepared to pay it. If you have already paid your bill, please bring your receipt.
  2. Take your English placement test. This test is required of all new students so that we can determine your level and make a course schedule for you. The placement test takes about 3 hours.
  3. Complete your visa check-in procedure. This is required by the U.S. government.
  4. Take a tour of campus. The campus tour is very important. During the tour, you will:
    1. See the location of all ELI buildings
    2. Pay your ELI bill (if you have not already done so)
    3. Obtain your University of Delaware student identification card
  5. Learn important university information. This includes meal plans, banking, safety information, recreation facilities, transportation, medical facilities, and information about other resources on campus.
  6. Set up your new UD email. For instructions on setting your email (available in English, Arabic and Chinese), see Resources for Current Students.

Ask a question

If you have any questions about Arrival or Housing, please contact the ELI Housing/Arrival Team at

Homestay students should contact the ELI Homestay Team at

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