ELI Global Community Residential Program

Become an American Global Fellow

The Global Community is an off-campus, cross cultural residential program that promotes cultural exchange by placing University of Delaware and English Language Institute (ELI) international students in the same apartment and community.

The quality and value of the Global Community experience is driven by the efforts of the American Global Fellow (AGF) to befriend their international roommates.

What do we look for in AGF candidates?

  • Curiosity to learn about cultures different from their own
  • Ability to be outside of one’s comfort zone for extended periods of time
  • Willingness to enter into conflict with humility and self awareness
  • Ability to reflect on personal and cultural values
  • Passion to cultivate a friendly and inclusive atmosphere

What are the responsibilities of an AGF?

  • Welcome your international roommates to the apartment and community through assisting with move in, organizing a welcome dinner among roommates, and helping answer questions about the apartment, ELI or UD, that your new roommate may have.
  • Make a substantive effort in building personal relationships with each individual roommate.
  • Attend and participate in monthly staff meeting, in which AGFs will receive ongoing training about cross cultural communication, community building, and conflict management
  • Contribute to the Global Community with roommates through signing up for committees and various activities
  • Reflect about personal experience in the program through private blogging

What are the program dates?

The Global Community program is a year long long program. AGFs commit to serving for several different options:

  • Academic Year (mid August through May)
  • Full Year (June to June or August to August)
  • Summer (June to mid August)

How do I apply?

The AGF application process is rolling, so candidates may apply at any time for a future position. We will email candidates the application and correspond about an interview. The majority of interviews for the Academic Year placements occur in October of the year prior. Due to this, we highly recommend candidates apply early!

Do you have questions about the program?

We encourage you to email Tim Kim (tkim@udel.edu) with any questions about the program.

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