Activities for Students

Studying at the University of Delaware ELI is a once in a lifetime experience! We highly encourage our students to participate in many activities and to take advantage of our services so that they can have an enriching and transformative experience–while improving their English skills!

Some of the activities that we have available for ELI students include:


American Host Program (Opportunity for ELI and UD students) The American Host Program creates the opportunity for international and domestic students to meet and share language and culture. International students at the ELI can apply to be paired with an American Host. Pairs meet up during the monthly and receive prizes for meeting up often. Note: Students do not live with American hosts. For information about living with an American family, visit the Homestay page of our website.
Service Learning Performing community service projects is a wonderful way to interact with Americans while improving helping the local community–and improving one’s English skills! Click here for more information about Service Learning.
ELI Garden The ELI has a community garden on its property which is supported by various UD departments. Working in the ELI Garden is a terrific way to interact with Americans while working on a useful–and delicious!–project.
Women’s Life Support Group (Opportunity for ELI and UD Students) The Women’s Life Support Group supports women of diverse cultural background transition to American culture. We share conversations about cultural identity and challenges faced in daily life. The group provides a safe space to build cross cultural friendships.
Weekly Activities and Events The ELI Hosts weekly activities and events for all ELI students. Check the weekly Orientation Express or OREX email to find out about upcoming events. Don’t receive the email? Contact Meghan Gladle ( to get signed up.
ELI Global Community, American Global Fellow (Opportunity for UD Students) The Global Community is an off campus, cross cultural residential program located in the Retreat at Newark and Rittenhouse Station apartments. Within the each apartment in the Global Community, 1 American Global Fellow lives with 3 international roommates. The American Global Fellow serves as a friend and mentor to their roommates.
Intramural Sports Sign up to play sports with friends from the ELI and UD students through the intramurals program. Some of the sports offered in the program include soccer, American football, basketball, or volleyball. Contact Tim Kim ( for more information.

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