Information for New Students



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Information for New Students


An important part of our mission is to provide our students with an excellent overall experience while they are studying at the ELI. Our faculty and staff understand that ELI students travel thousands of miles in order to participate in our program, so we are dedicated to providing them with excellent services–both inside and outside of the classroom.

The information on this page will help you to plan your arrival and to know what to expect as a new student at the ELI. See below to learn more.

Arrival Information

What to expect when you arrive at the ELI

We try to make your arrival go as smoothly as possible!

Our Arrival Information page helps new students to plan their arrival in Delaware, including airport pick-up, housing, what to pack, etc.

Learn more ➤

Housing Options

Where can I live as an ELI student?

The ELI offers several housing options to students. Students can live with American families, in apartments, or in our Global Community.

The housing options available to students depend on their program (because some programs have specific housing requirements).

We even offer housing to students who are traveling with their family!

Learn more about ELI housing options ➤

Learn how to apply for ELI housing ➤

Meal Options

Where can I eat while I am studying at the ELI?

There are several dining options for ELI students. Some students buy a university meal plan, while others will eat with their homestay families.

Some students choose not to buy a meal plan and will instead cook their meals or purchase them in many cafes in the Newark area.

Learn more about ELI dining options ➤

Student Activities

What can I do for fun in Delaware?

There are many ways to get involved in university life and in our community! 

Learn more about our American Host Partner Program, our award-winning Women’s Group, UD student organizations and events, and more!

Learn more about ELI activities ➤

Financial Information

Quickly access instructions and links to make payments to the ELI, learn about ELI scholarships, and see program pricing.

See ELI Financial information

Health and Medical Information

There are several health-related things that new students must know before they begin their program at the ELI.

All ELI students are required to prepare medical documents before they come to Delaware. They are also required to get certain vaccines (i.e., immunizations) and medical tests, and they must purchase health insurance.

See immunization requirements

See health insurance requirements

Information for Students with Families

Will your family come with you to Delaware?

The ELI has special web pages with information to help students who are bringing their husband, wife, or children with them to Delaware. Learn more about day care options, helpful stores, schools, and more.

See information for students with families

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