Nonie Bell

Nonie BellNonie Bell began teaching at the ELI in January 2006. Ms. Bell’s ESL teaching experience ranges across community-based and institutional education programs in the U.S. and in Italy.

At the ELI, She has taught courses ranging from advanced beginners to those focused on English for Academic Purposes. Ms. Bell has enjoyed professional exchanges with colleagues while presenting workshops on a variety of topics for faculty at the ELI as well as at regional educator conferences for Pennsylvania TESOL East, national and international conferences such as CELT (Christians in English Language Teaching), English USA, and TESOL. She has supervised MA TESL practicum students in the classroom, several times collaborating with those graduate students on professional publications.

Ms. Bell serves on ELI’s faculty Textbook and Advisory Committees while also representing the ELI in UD’s College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate. The academic world is very familiar to Ms. Bell who earned a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Rutgers University, a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies/ TEFL from Columbia International University, and a graduate certificate in Islamic Studies from Columbia International University.

Beyond studying and teaching ESL, she enjoys hobbies related to travel, music, and crafts.

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