West Knoll Apartments

Off-campus living

Many ELI students live in West Knoll Apartments, taking advantage of its ideal location near the University of Delaware campus, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and more.




  • Several apartment formats (see below)
  • Kitchen
  • Heat/Air Conditioning
  • Rent price includes a portion of the electricity fees and includes all other utilities (water, cable, phone, Internet)
  • Furniture
  • Laundry facilities inside most buildings
  • Close location to university shuttle stops; within easy walking distance of the ELI
  • Friendly and caring staff

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Apartment formats and prices

Prices from August 24, 2013 to August 22, 2014:

Format Price/student
1 bedroom (1 student per apartment) View floor plan $1,700
2 bedroom (2 students per apartment) View floor plan $1,400
Family Unit (2 bedrooms) View floor plan $2,300
3 bedrooms (3 students per apartment) View floor plan $1,200

Important Notes:

  • Prices listed are for each ELI session (7-8 weeks).
  • All students in each apartment are required to pay a deposit of $250. For a family unit, the deposit is $500.
  • Electricity is included in the rent price up to a maximum of $65 per month. If more than $65 of electricity is used each month, the student is responsible for paying all fees above $65.

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Payment and contract information

Every session, the student is required to sign a lease (a contract) to stay at West Knoll. All fees are due when the student moves into the apartment. Fees can be paid by credit card, traveler’s checks, or money order.

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Reserve an apartment at West Knoll

For more information or to make a housing reservation in West Knoll Apartments, please contact the ELI Housing Team at eli-housing@udel.edu.

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Contact West Knoll

  • Address: The main office of West Knoll is located at 260 Elkton Road, Newark, Delaware 19711.
  • Telephone number: (302) 368-7912
  • Fax number: (302) 456-5908
  • Staff member who can help ELI students: Andrea

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View photos of West Knoll

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