Homestay Coordinator’s Duties

Conduct interviews and home inspections of all current families participating in the program. The interview covers topics such as family lifestyle, family members, preferences, pets, capacity, availability, and guidelines. The home inspection includes things such as house location, transportation options, as well as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, overall cleanliness and safety, to verify that the home meets the minimum required amenities.

Provide and process homestay applications from prospect students.

Match students with families based on information gathered from student application and family records gathered from interviews and home inspection.

Garnering any new information and regular feedback from families as well as students, on an ongoing basis. Keeping them up to date and confidential.

Provide the families with the information about the student(s) arriving to their home.

Provide the student with the name, address, and telephone number of the family before the student arrival.

Communicate any new information to the families and student regarding the program, for example, special homestay family events, changes of schedule, new student arrival, etc.

Provide ongoing counseling, dispute resolution, and mediation for homestay families and students when needed.

The coordinator will be available to hear any issues or concerns by student or family about the living situation. The coordinator will share any information given with both student and family, if the coordinator feels it is necessary, even if asked to maintain confidentiality. The coordinator will remain neutral at all times.

The coordinator will relocate a student to a different homestay family in a case of incompatibility.

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