Housing requirement for Pre-AT/AT students


Students who have applied for or been conditionally admitted to an undergraduate program at the University of Delaware or at one of our partner institutions must meet special housing requirements (see below).

Housing is considered to be an important part of the ELI’s university preparation experience, helping students to improve their English and better understand American culture.

Pre-AT and AT Housing Requirements


AT students who do not live in ELI-approved housing may lose their conditional admission to university.

Housing options

Conditionally-admitted undergraduate students must live in one of the following housing options:

  • Residence halls (i.e., dormitories on campus)
  • Homestay
  • Global Community

These housing options are ideal for Pre-AT/AT students because they will live with Americans, providing many opportunities for the students to practice their English skills. These living arrangements also help students to develop relationships with Americans and to learn more about American culture.

This enhances the university preparation experience for Pre-AT and AT students!

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