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Current Students

The ELI has a special Current Student Website that has all the information that you will need in order to manage your student life at the ELI.

Go to the Current Student Website ➤

The ELI is pleased to offer several housing options, including:

  • An International Living/Learning Community (where ELI students can live with American university students!)
  • Homestay (living with an American family)
  • Apartments of several formats (single apartments, shared apartments, and family units)

Make your housing reservation

We are happy to help you with your housing reservation. Please follow the steps below:

Download the housing application

If you have questions about your housing reservation, please contact the ELI Housing Team at with your name and student ID.

Send the completed housing application and the required documents to the ELI
  • If you will use a student visa to come to the USA to study in our program, you must send us a copy of your visa and a copy of your plane ticket reservation or flight itinerary with your housing application. Housing reservations will not be made until we receive these documents.
  • If you are already studying at the ELI, then you do not need to submit the copy of the visa or the plane ticket reservation.
  • You can submit these documents to us by fax (+1-302-831-6765) or by email (
Wait to receive your housing confirmation

Housing confirmations will be sent to you by email approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of your session. Depending on your housing selection, you may receive a confirmation earlier.

When can I move in?

Move in day is typically the first day of ELI Orientation. Please make your travel plans with this in mind. If you arrive early, we cannot guarantee that you can move in early. If you are arriving early and want to move in early, you must contact with your name, student ID, and housing reservation form. We will inform you if it is possible for you to move in early and what the early move in fee will be. We recommend that you do not arrive to Delaware earlier than 2 days before ELI orientation.

Questions about housing

If you have questions about your housing reservation, please contact the ELI Housing Team at

Moving In

Useful resources

Why reserve housing through ELI?

There are several reasons why reserving your housing through the ELI is strongly recommended (and possibly required depending on your program):

  • The ELI housing options are all inclusive – furniture, utilities (Water/electric/heat/AC) is all included in the rental price.
  • On move in day when you arrive at your Delaware home, everything in your apartment is ready for you. The WiFi is ready to use, all your furniture is there, and we help you move in!
  • By reserving your housing through the ELI, you are eligible for a “short term lease”. What is a short term lease? A lease is the legally binding contract that you sign when you move into an apartment. The majority of leases in Delaware are 10-12 months long, which means you must pay the rent for 10-12 months! But not the ELI leases – they are all short term, so you are only responsible for rent for the length of the session.
  • All ELI apartment options are on the UD Bus route so you do not need a car to get to class!
  • The ELI Housing Office will make your reservation, answer any questions you have, and communicate with the apartment management for you. This is very helpful for people learning English!
  • The ELI Housing Office will help you with any concerns or problems that you experience in your housing. We may not be able to help you if you reserve housing outside of the ELI Housing Options.
  • If you have friends who studied at the ELI, they might want to give you advice about finding housing or where to live. Please keep in mind that your friends’ advice might not be “up to date” and it is important to get accurate information from the ELI before you make your housing plans!

Important: Students in A.T. or Pre-A.T.

If you are an A.T. or Pre-A.T. student, you are required to live in A.T. Housing. You are required to reserve your housing through our office so that you are registered in A.T. Housing to meet the requirements of your conditional admission.

Helpful housing vocabulary

There are several words and phrases to know so that your housing experience goes smoothly!

See housing vocabulary ➤

Understanding your lease

We know that leases are difficult to understand, so we are here to help you understand your lease. Remember, before you sign a lease, we recommend that you ask the apartment management if you have any questions. It is your responsibility to understand your lease.

We suggest that you ask these questions before you sign a lease:

  • When does my lease start?
  • When can I move in?
  • When does my lease end?
  • When is rent due?
  • Do you take cash/check/credit card/money order for rent?
  • How do I renew my lease? When is the deadline to renew?
  • Do I need to take an inventory of the apartment condition after I move in?

Remember, do not sign a lease unless you understand what you are signing!

What to do if something breaks in your apartment

How to submit a maintenance request for something broken or damaged in your apartment

If something is damaged or is not working well in your apartment, it is very important to tell the apartment management. If you have any problems with the water; such as a leak or water dripping, you must report this immediately! If you do not tell the management about the problem immediately, then you may be held responsible for it and any damage it causes.

Sample email message

You can copy and paste this sample email to send a maintenance request to the apartment management with the details about the problem in your apartment. If you do not know who to contact, email for help.


I would like to submit a maintenance request.

I live in apartment __[your apartment number] __.

In my apartment, the __[describe the problem] __ does not work.

The problem started on __[date]___.

Would you please send someone to fix this problem?

Please send me a reply to confirm that you received my email.

Thank you in advance for your help with this problem,

___[your full name]__

Full list of housing options

This is a list of all housing options available at the ELI:

Important things to know:

  • Not all housing options are available each session. Be sure to check with the ELI Housing Team ( to make sure that the housing type that you like will be available while you are studying at the ELI.
  • It is important to indicate your favorite choice and your second choice on your housing application so that the ELI can try to place you in a housing type that you like.
Housing terms and conditions

By moving into ELI housing, you are automatically agreeing to the ELI Housing Terms and Conditions. 

See the ELI Housing Terms and Conditions ➤

Housing for families

I am coming to the ELI with my family and we need an apartment that has more than 2 bedrooms, what should we do?

Contact with your name, student ID, and the number people in your family including their ages. The Housing Coordinator can help you look for suitable options that are close to campus and the ELI.

Meal Options

Where can I eat while I am studying at the ELI?

There are several dining options for ELI students. Some students buy a university meal plan, while others will eat with their homestay families. Some students choose not to buy a meal plan and will instead cook their meals or purchase them in many cafes in the Newark area.

Learn more about ELI dining options ➤

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