American Host Partner Program

14344171_2134167300140933_2002592008233479329_nThe American Host Partner Program is an opportunity for UD students and international students to build cross cultural friendships.

American Hosts are current UD students who are passionate about welcoming and hosting an ELI student as a visitor and guest to the UD campus and community.

The goal of the program is to create a space for domestic and international students to engage in meaningful conversations and to learn about different languages and cultures.

While the program is not specifically focused on language exchange, UD students are able to practice their foreign language skills with their international partner.

How does the program work?


UD students and ELI students apply for the program through these applications:

After applying, American Hosts (UD students) will be sent their international partner’s contact information. The American Host should reach out to their international partner to schedule the first meet up.


Get lunch, a coffee, go for a walk, go to a campus event, etc. Try to meet in a comfortable place. Ask your international partner if they feel comfortable meeting you wherever you suggest.

ELI Students: Check your email! If you do not reply to your American Host within one week of being paired, your American Host will receive a new partner!


While meeting up, take a selfie or a photo of your meet up and post to the American Host Program at UD Facebook group.
Pairs that meet most frequently will receive a monthly prize!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am studying a foreign language and want a partner who speaks _____. Is this possible?
We take special requests into consideration; however, we are not specifically a language partner program. Sign up with the mindset of being open to being paired with someone regardless of their background!

Can American Hosts (UD Students) sign up for multiple ELI partners?
Yes! Note this in your application.

I am very busy right now, what is the time commitment?
Pairs determine how often and for how long they meet up. The program runs month to month, so sign up as you are interested to host!

What do I do if my partner makes me feel uncomfortable or does not show up to our meet ups?
Contact us right away and we will re-match you and take note of your feedback about your former partner.

If I am an American Host, does my international partner live with me?
No, the American Host Program is simply a friendship program, not a residential program. If you are a UD student and interesting in living with international roommates, check out the ELI Global Community. If you are a Newark or greater area community member and want to provide housing for ELI students, please consider signing up to be a Homestay family.

I am a person who lives in the Newark area but not a UD student. I want to host ELI students, can I do this?
At this time, the American Host Program is only serving current UD and ELI students; however, the ELI Homestay Program is a great opportunity to be involved in the life of an ELI student.

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