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On this page, you will be able to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you still need help with a question, please feel free to contact us!

ELI Refund Policy

What is the ELI refund policy?

The ELI refund policy, which is stated on all of our application forms, is:

  • The tuition deposit of $365, due with your application, is nonrefundable within 30 days of the session start date. This includes a $65 express mail fee for visa and admissions-related documents.
  • The dormitory reservation fee of $500, due with your application, is nonrefundable within 30 days of the session start date. This amount will be applied to your first month’s rent.
  • The homestay fee of $250, due with your application, is nonrefundable within 30 days of the session start date.
  • Any deposits received, if refundable, will be issued only to the original form of payment. If this account is no longer active at the time of your request, the refund request will be denied.
  • The ELI offers no refund for late arrival, early withdrawal, or dismissal.


I want to bring my family with me to the ELI. How can I do this?

Students on an F-1 visa may bring their dependents (spouses and children) to the US while they study at the ELI. Simply fax a copy of each dependent’s passport with your ELI Application and the ELI will issue dependent I-20 forms. Also, make sure that your bank statement has enough funds in it to cover an extra $500 per dependent per session you will attend.

My company is sponsoring me to study at the ELI. Do I need the company’s bank statement?

For corporate sponsorships, instead of a company bank statement, your sponsor must send letter of support, on company letterhead and signed by a financial officer, indicating that the company will financially sponsor you to study at the ELI.

How long does it take to get an I-20?

When we receive your completed application, bank statement and/or letter of support, and deposit and application fees, we will process your enrollment and email your I-20 to you. (For fastest processing, we strongly recommend that you use credit card to pay your deposit and application fees.) It usually takes 48 hours from the time your application is approved until the I-20 form is emailed to you.

What is the deadline for applying?

Although there is no deadline for applying to the ELI, we STRONGLY recommend that you apply at least three months in advance of your session start date, to ensure plenty of time to obtain your student visa.

See your program’s start date

When does the ELI change its pricing?

Normally, a modest 3-4% increase can be expected each year. Pricing becomes effective August 31 of each year.

What is a “semester discount”?

The ELI now offers semester pricing, which is a tuition discount given to those students who enroll in and pay for two sessions at a time. Please see our application form for the cost breakdown.

ELI Orientation

What is the entrance assessment?

The entrance assessment has four parts: grammar, reading, and vocabulary proficiency; listening; an interview; and an essay. The ELI uses these tests to determine which level you will be assigned. You will not receive the scores from these tests, but your level will reflect your score.

When do I find out my level?

All ELI students will receive their schedules on Opening Day, which list courses and levels, at the opening day meeting. The ELI staff makes the class assignments during the weekend before the session begins; therefore, your class and level assignments are not available before Opening Day.

What will we do at the orientation meetings?

On-Campus Orientation:
During on-campus orientation, you will go through Registration, Placement Testing, and move into your housing (if it is through the ELI).
On the second day of orientation, you will have a chance to meet your fellow students and learn about activities and resources available to you at the University as well as tour the campus.
On the final day of orientation, you will meet several guest speakers and also learn about your class schedule.

Online Orientation:
During online orientation, you will learn the basics of how online courses function and learn from an ELI faculty member by attending a mock course.
The second day of orientation will focus on general resources and activities available to you through virtual events.
The final day of orientation is dedicated to answering any remaining questions through our Open Desk Hours.

Meal Plans

How can I sign up for a meal plan?

Meal plans are not required for any ELI students. However, meal plans are available in blocks of 100 meals or 50 meals. You can pick up a meal plan registration form at the ELI or at the Student Services Building.

Learn more about ELI dining options >


How can I contact the Homestay Coordinator?

Stacey Leonard, the ELI Homestay Coordinator, can be reached by email at

Learn more about our homestay program

When can I meet my homestay host?

The ELI Homestay Coordinator, Stacey Leonard, makes all of the homestay arrangements for our students. She will contact you to confirm your homestay and arrival arrangements.

Learn more about our homestay program

Can I get a homestay close to the ELI building?

Less than half of the homestays available are within walking distance of the ELI. These are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about our homestay program

Can I cook my own meals?

Yes, you can stay in a homestay that does not provide meals, but you can use their kitchen to prepare your own food.

Learn more about our homestay program

Do I have to spend time with the host?

Your first priority at the ELI is to improve your English. The homestays understand that you need to do your homework and study. It is your decision how much time you spend with the host.

Learn more about our homestay program

What kinds of hosts are there?

Many are married couples with children, some are married couples whose children are grown and live away from home, and others and single men and women. There is a variety of homestays to choose from.

Learn more about our homestay program

Can I smoke in my homestay?

Most of the homestays are “smoke-free.” Their rules say that if you smoke, you must smoke outside the home.

Learn more about our homestay program

Language Partners

How can I meet Americans?

Two good ways for you to meet people and practice your English are ELI’s homestay hosts and the American Host Partner Program (AHPP). These programs introduce ELI students to UD students and local hosts and let you spend some time learning about American culture. You can learn more about these programs at the orientation meetings.

Learn more about ELI activities

Learn more about our homestay program

Bank Accounts

Where can I open a bank account?

Most ELI students use the PNC bank, which has an office on campus in the Trabant University Center. The bank’s office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mail and E-mail

What’s my address?

All students can use the ELI address to receive mail. Address mail to:

Your Name
c/o UD English Language Institute
108 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711

Will I be able to use email?

All ELI students have access to a University email account.

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