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Conditional admission/pathway program for undergraduates

Thank you for your interest in Academic Transitions (AT)! We are happy to help you with your application.

On this page, you will find everything you need to know in order to apply for undergraduate conditional admission, including:

  • Application procedures
  • Processing time
  • Information about how to submit required documents
  • Application terms and conditions
  • How to ask a question about AT

Important reminder

All students must complete 2 applications:

☑ the university’s undergraduate application; and

☑ the ELI’s simple conditional admissions application.


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Did you know?

Due to the special structure of the Chinese high school system, Chinese students can now apply for conditional admission to the University of Delaware after completing the 11th grade.

This means that they can spend their 12th grade year in Delaware taking university courses while improving their academic English skills through Academic Transitions!

Please contact us at to learn more about admissions requirements.

Application procedures

Please follow these instructions very carefully.

1. Select at least one university that is an ELI conditional admissions partner.

The ELI partners with several institutions for conditional admission. Students are welcome to apply to more than one university.

Note: At this time, only the University of Delaware accepts Academic Transitions for its undergraduate programs. All other partners are still accepting conditionally-admitted students via the traditional Conditional Admissions Program (for now).

Remember to verify that the universities that you choose all have the major that you want!

Apply to the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware uses the Common Application. Please click on the button below to begin your application.

Apply to a partner institution

Most of the ELI’s partner institutions use their own application and you must visit their website in order to apply.

2. Submit the required documents.

All universities require certain documents to be submitted so that they can determine whether a student meets their requirements for admission.

If you completed the Common Application, you can submit the required documents to the university through the Common Application website. Do not send your paper documents to the ELI.

You may also submit the supporting documents by email directly to the university to which you applied. See that university’s website for details.

If you need help, contact and we can tell you where to send your documents.

3. Submit the ELI’s conditional admission application.

This application is required, and it will help you to obtain the fastest service in your admissions process. It only takes a few minutes to complete this form. No application fees are required for payment at this time.

Note: If you are admitted to the University, you will be required to pay a non-refundable $300 deposit before you receive your I-20 Form.

4. Submit a copy of your passport to the ELI.

Send us a copy of the full page that contains your biographic information including the machine readable section at the bottom.

You may submit a copy of this document on the application or by email (

More admissions information

Processing time

Mark your calendar!

It takes approximately 3 weeks (after receiving all required admissions documents) to receive an admissions decision.

It is extremely important for you to make sure that you submitted all required documents to the university that you applied for. Otherwise, you will likely face processing delays.

If the ELI Admissions Team learns that your application is incomplete, we will contact you by email.

Students receive their admissions decisions by email.

Remember, it is very important for the ELI to have an accurate email address on file for the student (and for the agent, if applicable)!

Information for transfer students

Applicants who are attending or who have previously attended a college/university outside of the U.S. must provide a credential evaluation from International Education Research Foundation (IERF).

Please visit IERF’s website for instructions (e.g., how to request a Standard Application with a Detail Report, where to mail your documents, etc.). | Go to IERF website ➤

IERF will send your credential evaluation directly to the University of Delaware.

If you have a WES Course-by-Course evaluation completed before February 1, 2019, UD will accept this in lieu of a Detail Report from IERF.

For complete information on how credits from institutions outside of the U.S. may be transferred, please visit the Registrar’s Office web page. You may also send a message to for assistance.

The UD Registrar’s Office will review your documents after you begin your courses at the ELI. They will determine if you can earn credit for the UD courses that are equivalent to the courses you took at your previous university.

Application terms and conditions

By submitting the application to the ELI, the applicant:

☑ Certifies that the information submitted on the application is correct.

☑ Certifies that he/she is registering for this program and that he/she is responsible for meeting all costs associated with the program.

☑ Agrees to pay a non-refundable US $300 deposit after the applicant is admitted to the University and decides to enroll.

☑ Gives the ELI permission to report his/her progress updates and transcripts to his/her sponsor (if applicable).

☑ Understands that the ELI will not defer his/her start date more than 2 times; if the applicant attempts to change his/her start date a third time, the ELI will cancel his/her admission.

☑ Understands that, if he/she enters the United States using the ELI’s I-20 form and then fails to enroll at the ELI (example: if he/she transfers to a different school without attending at least 1 session at the ELI), he/she will be charged a $300 Early Withdrawal Administration Fee.

☑ Agrees to the ELI Refund Policy.

☑ Certifies that he/she has read these terms and conditions and the ELI’s housing conditions.

☑ Agents: Applicants that are being assisted by an agent must include the agency name, email and full address on the application. Commission will not be available to agencies that do not include this information.

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