Applying for ALLEI



Thank you for your interest in the American Law and Legal English Institute (ALLEI)!

Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions for the application process.

1. Complete the ALLEI application.

The ALLEI application is available online.

2. Submit the required documents.

For faster processing times, please submit the following documents by uploading them on the application. If necessary, you may also submit these documents by email or fax.
Our email is Our fax number is +1-302-831-6765.

Passport Send us a copy of the full page that contains your biographic information including the machine readable section at the bottom.
Proof of financial resources

This can take the form of a bank statement or a bank letter, and it must show the following information:

  • The name of the account holder (either your name or the name of the person who will pay for the student’s studies) written in the English alphabet.
  • The issue date (the bank statement must be no more than 3 months old)
  • The amount of money in the account. It must show US$ 5,706 (or the equivalent in your home country’s currency) for each session you will attend.
  • The bank statement must be written in English.
Letter of sponsorship

Some important information:

  • This is only necessary if someone else will pay for your studies.
  • If your family or a friend will pay for your studies, please ask them to create and sign a letter of sponsorship.
  • If your sponsor lives in the USA, the letter of sponsorship must be notarized.
  • Download a sample letter of sponsorship.

3. Pay the deposit and shipping fee

Pay the non-refundable deposit ($300) and the express mail fee ($65) with a credit card using our secure online payment form.

Note: The deposit amount ($300) will be subtracted from your tuition bill.

Application Processing Time

Once all documents have been received, we will process your application and send the I-20 form to you by express mail within 1-2 business days (“business days” in the USA are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday only).

Application Terms and Conditions

By submitting the application to the ELI, the applicant:

  • Certifies that the information submitted on the application is correct.
  • Certifies that he/she is registering for this program and that he/she is responsible for meeting all costs associated with the program.
  • Gives the ELI permission to report his/her progress updates and transcripts to his/her sponsor (if applicable).
  • Understands that, if he/she cancels his/her enrollment more than 30 days before my session start date, he/she will be eligible for a refund of the tuition deposit (less the express mail fee, if unpaid at the time that the application was submitted). The applicant understands that he/she will not be eligible for a refund of his/her tuition deposit until his/her original I-20 form (or DS-2019 form) is returned to the ELI.
  • Understands that the ELI will not defer his/her start date more than 2 times; if the applicant attempts to change his/her start date a third time, the ELI will cancel his/her admission.
  • Understands that, if he/she enters the United States using the ELI’s I-20 form and then fails to enroll at the ELI (example: if he/she transfers to a different school without attending at least 1 session at the ELI), he/she will be charged a $300 Early Withdrawal Administration Fee.
  • Agrees to the ELI Refund Policy.
  • Certifies that he/she has read these terms and conditions and the ELI’s housing conditions.
  • Agents: Applicants that are being assisted by an agent must include the agency name, email and full address on the application. Commission will not be available to agencies that do not include this information.

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