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This page is for alumni (former students) of the University of Delaware English Language Institute.

On this webpage, you can find important resources and forms to assist your needs after graduation.

Request your ELI transcript

If you need to show your transcript to an employer or school, or if you just would like it for your files, you can fill this form out and we can mail it to you:

ELI Transcript Request Form

Request your ELI certificate

If you were unable to attend graduation, and you would like a copy of your certificate, complete this form and we will save it for someone to pick up for you or mail it to an address of your choice:

ELI Certificate Request Form

Request a statement of your account

We would be happy to send you a statement of your account from when you studied at the ELI. This might be useful if you have recently graduated and you need it for your bank, or for your sponsor:

Account Statement Request Form

Update your contact information

Please keep your contact information updated with us! This is important because:

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Contact Update Form

Share your news with us

We may include your update in our annual newsletter–so share any news about your new job, promotion, marriage, children, accomplishments, or anything else that is happening in your life. Your old classmates will love to hear from you!

Alumni News Update Form

Free Alumni Tutoring

All of us at the University of Delaware English Language Institute hope that this resource can help you refresh and continue practicing your English, even after leaving your ELI home!

Our tutors are available to help you improve your English skills, answer questions, or practice your English with a native or fluent speaker.

Learn more about Free Alumni Tutoring >

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