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This photo shows Assistant Professor Adil Bentahar standing at the front of the classroom and gesturing to three students.Our teachers are dedicated to the success of ELI students.

A large percentage of students enrolled at the ELI are sponsored by U.S. and international agencies, ministries of education, corporations, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

This is because the University of Delaware (UD) English Language Institute has:

  • A reputation for being among the best intensive English programs in the U.S.;
  • An outstanding Accelerated University English Program that provides supplemental tutoring, remedial and accelerated skill development, and advisement to help sponsored students matriculate more quickly into degree programs;
  • A conditional admission program at all undergraduate and some graduate programs at UD and several other ELI network universities, permitting sponsored students a clear path to their degree through language and academic skill development unobstructed by requirements to take the TOEFL;
  • Exceptional communication and support so sponsors can track the progress of their students and be made aware early of any difficulties or opportunities;
  • Full orientation support to address all student needs for pre-arrival, arrival, orientation, housing, medical and counseling, academic advisement, campus activities and integration, language partners, etc.;
  • A caring staff in orientation, admissions, registration, billing, and administration to meet and exceed student needs;
  • Multiple housing options: homestay, university dormitory apartments, an international house on campus, and nearby off-campus furnished apartments; and
  • An ideal and extremely safe location near NYC and Washington, D.C. to permit many sponsors easy access to their students.

Students who successfully complete our rigorous program go on to excel in degree programs, possessing the cognitive academic language proficiency and study skills necessary to be effective in their academic pursuits.

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Sponsors who want to know more about ELI services for sponsored students and their funding agencies may contact:

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