Ken Hyde

Ken Hyde, Tutoring Center Coordinator, joined ELI in 1994 while working on his graduate degree in Linguistics at the University of Delaware. Before coming to ELI, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in French Comparative Literature from the University of Tulsa and taught courses in French and Instructional Technology at the Tulsa Community College. He also taught French and Spanish privately and worked as a French interpreter. Ken received his M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Delaware. His current research interest is in the application of theoretical models of Linguistics to create effective teaching methods.

At ELI, Ken teaches courses in both the general English and EAP programs. He is also in charge of the Tutoring Center, where his knowledge of computer application programming is put to use creating administration and scheduling solutions. During the summers, Ken helps coordinate the International Teaching Assistants program as well as teaching courses in Culture & Pedagogy and Oral Intelligibility.

PS: He knows stuff about cooking and food too.

Contact Ken Hyde: kenny@UDel.Edu

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