UD-IC Students Celebrate Start of Winter

Four students chop and mix cabbage for dumpling filling at UD in China dumpling event

Article by ELI Staff | November 19, 2021

On November 7, ELI and UD students taking classes from our UD in China (UD-IC) location in Ningbo celebrated the Start of Winter by making traditional dumplings together.

In China, the Start of Winter, or Lidong, is marked by the 19th of 24 solar terms, which falls annually around November 7 or 8.

“This is a tradition for most Chinese families. Dumplings are like turkey for Thanksgiving to Americans,” explains Chang “Emily” Liu, UD-IC coordinator and acting assistant director at the ELI. “As far back as I care to remember, I was told that I’d better eat dumplings on the special day, otherwise my ears would freeze off. No sense, but I used to believe it.”

The event was organized by Mohan Yang, our new UD-IC ambassador and Zitian, our previous UD-IC ambassador. They were helped by Xintong Liu, Luxin Lu, and Zhuozhi Yuan.

More about UD in China

UD in China allows students to begin their University of Delaware experience while living on campus at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Students live at UNNC, participate in western-style student activities and cultural events, and have access to UNNC facilities. Classes taught by great UD professors in the U.S. are cast live to students in China.

To learn more about UD in China, visit our webpage or contact Emily Liu at emilyliu@udel.edu.

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