Welcome to Session 2 2021

Article by ELI Staff | October 15, 2021

Welcome to the University of Delaware English Language Institute! We are excited for you to join us online and in person!

You can access our Session 2 2021 classes from wherever you are. Wherever you are, we are there!


Students must use a computer for online orientation activities on Thursday, October 21, and must download and install Zoom–a conferencing application–prior to attending orientation. Instructions for downloading are available here (pdf).

Students who are in Newark will also have an on-campus orientation on Friday, October 22.

See the full orientation schedule for Session 2 here (pdf).

See the ELI campus map.

Please remember that orientation is mandatory — ALL students must attend orientation.


You will receive your class schedule during orientation. Zoom IDs for online classes are listed on your schedule.

Many classes will be held online between 7 a.m. – noon Eastern time. Some AT classes will be cast online between 6 p.m. – midnight Eastern time.

On-campus Class Components

If you are new and have arrived to the U.S., you will have at least 1-2 hours/week in-person component. This is required. The location of that class will also be listed on your class schedule.

Testing for COVID-19

Within 72 hours of flying to the U.S., students must have a viral test for COVID-19 and receive negative results. You must bring your results with you to your flight.

Learn more about current guidance for international students on the Center for Global Programs and Services webpage

Once you arrive to Newark, you must take another COVID-19 test. Then, you must continue to take a COVID-19 test every 1-2 weeks and submit your negative results to UD.

Delaware offers several tests in and around campus weekly. You can find testing location and time here. The COVID-19 tests are free.

UD COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Students on the Newark campus must be vaccinated against COVID-19. If you need either your first or second dose, UD will have a vaccine clinic on August 27. You can register for any appointment after 12 p.m. Register now >

When you complete the registration form, if you do not yet have a social security number (SSN), you can leave that field blank. If you do not yet have a permanent address, you may use CGPS’ Elliott Hall address (26 E Main Street, Newark, DE 19711).

Learn more about current guidance for international students on the Center for Global Programs and Services webpage

On-campus Facilities and Services

You will be able to use the University Student Centers (Trabant University Center and Perkins Student Center), the Carpenter Sports Building (Little Bob*) fitness center, Morris Library and UD Dining facilities, all with modified rules to keep students and staff safe.

You will need your student ID card (UD OneCard) and your Daily Health Check results in order to access campus facilities. You will receive more information about this during on-campus orientation.

Online Class Resource Guide

Learn more about online classes, tutoring, the Listening Lab, advising and ELI Services on our Online Class Resource Guide.

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