ELI Insights: Egaming and English

Article by Brandon Jackson | February 25, 2021

Do you wish you could speak English with the confidence, focus, and joy that you have when you play video games?

Then the English Language Institute has the perfect class for you. ELI’s Egaming course is a new class for ELL’s who want to improve their conversational English. It is an exciting learning experience for advanced English learners that employs the latest tools in online education. As a result, students will develop the confidence to play video games in English with people all over the world.

Students in Esport uniforms in the UD Esports Arena

But what exactly will you learn how to do?

For starters, you will develop a stronger command of English grammar. Students will learn how to use advanced grammar to collaborate with their teammates in real-time. Students will learn this by analyzing videos and dialogues of real game situations. Also, they will share their personal gaming experiences and preferences with classmates.

In this class, we will play popular Battle Royale & FPS games such as Fortnite & PubG. You also will learn how to use advanced grammar like past modals and conditional clauses to collaborate with teammates in games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. Lastly, you’ll improve your spoken discourse so you can have more fluid and natural discussions about your favorite games.

I bet you’re thinking: “Sure, I’d love to use English while playing and discussing my favorite games, but how will this help me with my academic goals?”

Students at computers in ELI's ELIte Esports LoungeGreat question.

ELL’s struggle to interact with their native English-speaking classmates at American universities. Unfortunately for them, collaborating with classmates is required at American colleges. So, students in this class will practice having more fluid and effective discussions. Furthermore, students will develop elite notetaking skills while watching Ted Talks that explore the expanding role of video games in education. As a result, students will learn to use discourse to organize their academic speech.

“But Teacher, what kind of textbooks would we use for a class like this?”

Since this is an unconventional class, we will be using unconventional materials. Primarily, we will use RealEnglishForGamers, a website that is full of authentic videos of real game situations categorized by specific games, game situations, and grammar. Also, you will use custom materials made specifically for this class and tailored to students’ learning needs.

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