Recruiter Bio: Umida Ruzybayeva

Article by Sarah Whitesel, ORMC Graduate Assistant | May 15, 2020

Market: Central Asia

Expertise: ELI student experience, international marketing

Languages: English, Russian, and Kazakh

Umida Ruzybayeva plays a special role at the ELI – she’s a recruiter and a student. Umida uses her industry experience, along with her personal understanding of what it’s like to be a student at the ELI, to help potential students understand the value of an ELI education.

“My name is Umida and I am from Almaty City, Kazakhstan. My major is marketing and for the last 14 years, I have worked in retail and corporate sales in the insurance industry. But I always dreamed of getting an MBA degree in the US, and therefore, last spring I challenged myself when I came to America to fulfill my dream and gain a new experience. In October 2019 I was accepted for the CAP program at ELI UD. Here, I’m not only enhancing my language but also engaging in a new culture.

I also like dancing, skiing, and traveling – these things that inspire me and where I always try to find the energy.  I adore my family, which always and in every way supports me.”

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