Alumni Make 40th Anniversary a Year to Remember

Sarah Whitesel | October 31, 2019

This year at the ELI, we celebrate our 40th anniversary, and some of the most supportive and enthusiastic celebrants of this special milestone have been our very own alumni. From support on social media, to referrals of new students, to attendance at the six ELI alumni events we have held throughout the year, the alumni have truly made our 40th anniversary a year to remember.

We have held events in New York City, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo, and at each one, alumni came ready to celebrate everything the ELI has meant to them over the years.

During our final overseas event, which was held in late October in Tokyo, alumni attended despite a major typhoon hitting parts of the country the day before.

Thank you to all of our alumni — whether you traveled through wet weather or dry — for making our events so special.

Across all six events combined, more than 300 alumni came to celebrate. Please know how much we appreciate our alumni’s support and dedication as you enjoy the photos from some of the events.

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