ELI alumna and UD graduate from Brazil giving a TED talk today

October 5, 2018

English Language Institute alumna (2009) and UD doctoral graduate (Computer Science, 2016) Priscilla Moraes will give a CIS TED Talk today at 3:30 p.m. in Mitchell Hall.

Alumna and Google employee Priscilla Moraes will speak on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. in Mitchell Hall, as part of the 55th Anniversary Celebration of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

According to the UDaily article, Priscilla wanted to give this TED talk because of the positive impact that her UD experience had on her life in terms of the education and support she received.

In the article, Priscilla discusses the linguistic and cultural challenges that she faced after moving to Newark, the support she received at UD, and the work she does today as a machine learning specialist with Google.

Her story is familiar to many ELI students who travel from their home countries to Newark to study English.

Most of the things I’ve been able to accomplish today has been due to the education, confidence and support I received at the University of Delaware.

Priscilla is quoted in the article saying, “I told my husband, I wanted to go sit and watch one class. At the time, I could understand the math but I couldn’t understand the language.”

After studying at the ELI, Priscilla had the English language skills to pursue her doctorate. In her talk today, she will discuss the journey that led her to work for Google as a machine learning specialist.

For aspiring computer scientists, or for any student learning to balance their studies and family, this is great event to attend before tonight’s ELI Festival of Nations!

From UDaily, 10/05/2018

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