Breaking the fast together

Students from the English Language Institute’s SABIC Foundational Year, the Khbrat program and the ELI Women’s Group shared what the traditions of Ramadan and Iftar mean for them. Left to right: MariaJosé Riera, SABIC FY coordinator, Fawziah Altowairqi (slightly obscured), Mohammed Mohammed (speaking), Abdulaziz Zanguty, Ahmed Altaha and Sumayh Alazmi.

Students share the tradition of Iftar with hundreds of UD community members

More than 300 University of Delaware students, staff and faculty gathered on the Old College lawn in late May to wait for sunset to celebrate Iftar together — the daily breaking of the Ramadan fast.

For one day, the rainy spring weather broke, allowing the Iftar to go on as planned. Members of the University’s Muslim community, domestic and international, and their families congregated with fellow University community members who came out to experience the Iftar, many for the first time.

The SABIC Foundation Year students helped plan and execute the event that attracted over 300 members of the University commuynity.

“The Iftar was held not only for those who were fasting but for anyone that wanted to know more about the culture,” said Ahmed Altaha, a SABIC Cohort 4 Scholar. “We welcomed everyone with open arms because we wanted to tell the people all about our fasting ritual.”

The Iftar was organized by students and staff in UD’s English Language Institute. ELI coordinates the SABIC Foundation Year program and the SABIC FY scholars, which are sponsored by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. The ELI Women’s Group and the ELI Khbrat Program also participated in planning the event.

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